“don’t play in The League first of all, the training is stopped, the beaches are closed.” The former Wolfsburg Christian Träsch (32) tells about his new place of work is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

mood in spite of the spirit of the game, Fans get the microphone from the stadium announcer source: sport digital 4:36 Min. Share Tweet send via email, via Whatsapp

Träsch send moved in the Winter, free transfer to Sheikh club Al-Wasl. The football is for the time being, until 11. April in the Corona break. Träsch about the industry but a lot of other thoughts.

“Transfers for 100 million, no longer will there be so fast!”

The Ex-national player is looking beyond the horizon, in terms of the financial damage caused by the Corona Virus. the “I do think that the current Events will have an impact on the football” , says Träsch, the state from 2011 to 2017 in Wolfsburg under the contract. the “as of now, I would say, actually, you can anpfeifen in any League any more.”