The new “Ringmaster” of St. Moritz – the so-called President of the commune, Christian Jott Jenny (40) self – promised in the election campaign: foreign ski resort in the Nobel home, to have a say also. Jenny wants to introduce at the municipal level, the voting right for Foreigners.

Specifically, those foreigners who have been living for at least five years in Switzerland, and have a permanent residence permit (C-card) should be able to have a say at the local level. And even in the St. Moritz municipal Council and Board of Directors can choose.

It is Büezer, not to bigwigs

to Be called in the future, the Rich and the Beautiful the world of the urn? After all, St. Moritz is known for its magnificent Grand Hotels and their guests. But that is only half the truth. Because behind the glamorous backdrop of St. Moritz provide Italian and Portuguese Büezer for the well-being of the guests. Without it you would have to go in the hospitality industry nothing.

Suddenly, about a third more voters

And this is exactly what the St. Moritz of the Party, Jenny has in its sights. Often they live in the Spa for decades in the Nobel prize, are well-integrated, speak German and have kids that go in place at the school. But you are not allowed to determine, nevertheless, politically – because they didn’t care about the Swiss passport, he was too expensive, or you still with the thought of one day returning home.

From the new of many people in the St. Moritz would be affected, as a whole, 41 percent of the inhabitants of the Nobel resort are foreigners. 978 of them are likely to in the future have a say. Thus, the mountain community had suddenly, around 3500-voting: about one-third more than today!

the Political landscape would be “balanced”

But as the political landscape in St. Moritz would look like if foreigners men were involved? “In any case, you would be at least a little more balanced,” says Jenny. Provided that the voting foreigners also made use of their Rights.

And even the Locals would benefit from the voting right for Foreigners, says Jenny: “A community in which as many as possible have a say in, is on a more solid Basis.” Nevertheless, the electoral and voting rights for foreigners no response to the drop in the population: “It is simply meant to be, consistently, what we’re here for: open-minded and reasonable. As it should be.”

But there is also criticism: Gian Marco He (32) of the local SVP, the hurdles for participation are a bit too low: “Anyone with a C permit could then say at once, even if he lives only recently in St. Moritz.” This is incorrect, he says, and refers to, Established with C-ID, talks is neither a national language nor integrated. On the other hand, Also in Zurich, Switzerland, is moving into the upper Engadin, where it can influence immediately.

foreigners ‘ voting rights Standard should be

For Jenny, however, is clear: those Who build in Switzerland a life, should have the same rights of participation such as the Swiss: “It is not incomprehensible to me, which is why it is Standard for us.” In spite of the possibility to seek naturalisation, the municipality, the President of the voting right for Foreigners for sorely needed.

Because for many foreigners, naturalisation is now only the last step. But if they could have a say in previously, was the “invitation to the naturalisation,” that you requested earlier, the red Pass.

“Vote at the end of the Integration”

the He finds wrong, which points to the fact that the foreigners ‘ voting rights is not an invention of the Jenny, but no longer will be discussed: The election and voting law no aid to Integration, “but at the end of a successful Integration. Through naturalisation”. It was in St. Moritz, it’s no big deal and not cost as much as before.

Up to the St. Moritz foreigners but actually, you have to wait, however, for at least one year influence: The new Church Constitution is only in the consultation process. Expected in the next year, the village people decide at the ballot box.

At the Federal level is the voting right for Foreigners has always been out of the game. Only the one who owns a Swiss passport, is allowed to participate in national votes and elections.

Otherwise that looks at the cantonal level, In the cantons of Jura and neuchâtel, foreign residents are allowed to both at the cantonal as well as at the municipal level have a say.

Only at the community level can all choose in the cantons of Fribourg, Vaud and Geneva, resident foreigners and the vote.

In the cantons of Appenzell ausser testicles, Basel city, Graubünden, it is the responsibility of the respective municipality to grant the foreigners the right to vote at the municipal level.

In the Grisons to grant, among other things, the municipalities of Arosa, Scuol, Vals, Sumvitg, Fideris and Albula in the voting foreigners law. (pro only)