Trump supporters seem to have finally decided to engage in ‘cancel culture’ on Twitter after Chris Wallace, a host on the traditionally pro-Republican Fox News network, praised the speech by the Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“I thought [Biden’s speech] was enormously effective,” Wallace said on Thursday night, after Biden’s address wrapped up the last day of the Democratic convention in Milwaukee. In Wallace’s opinion, Biden effectively countered President Donald Trump’s criticism that he was “mentally shot” and a “captive” of the left wing of the Democratic Party.

“And yes, Biden was reading from the teleprompter and a prepared speech but I thought that he blew a hole, a big hole in the characterization,” Wallace said.

His words quickly made rounds online and even ended as posts in various “conservatives for Biden” communities.

“Trump has been talking for months of Joe Biden as mentally shot…Biden blew a big hole in that characterization.” -Chris Wallace

Trump Republicans, on the other hand, seemed to have enjoyed the characterization much less, immediately branding Wallace a “never Trumper” and a “clown.”

Chris Wallace is a never Trumper disguised as a Fox journalist. He’s just happy as a clam that Biden could deliver a pre-recorded speech instead of actually sitting down with him for an interview like Trump did. He will let Biden slide on the merits of that “effective” speech.

Is there a bigger clown on Fox News than Chris Wallace?

Political and personal attacks were not the end of it, as many of Wallace’s critics decided to ‘cancel’ him professionally, calling on Fox News to fire him.

Fox News needs to fire Chris Wallace.

Hey Fox News, fire Chris Wallace

Fox Viewers: “Fire Chris Wallace, he is not telling us what we want to hear.”

Democrats naturally enjoyed the positive coverage of one of their candidate’s sporadic media appearances, calling Wallace “the only journalist [on Fox News] that has integrity.”

Thank you Chris Wallace for being the only journalist @FoxNewsSunday that has integrity.

Despite having a show on the Republican-leaning network, Wallace has admitted for years to being a registered Democrat, though he said he had voted for candidates from both major US parties.

Last month, Wallace sat down for a now-famous interview with Trump, asking the president a series of tough and adversarial questions. Trump has subsequently denounced Fox coverage in Wallace’s time slot as “unwatchable” and “worse than fake news CNN.”

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