The TV audience knows no mercy! Ex-“GNTM”-cry-baby Gisele Oppermann (31) had to compete in the jungle camp for the third Time for consideration. Also on day three of the Bush, the tears flowed when sensitive cells: Sonja Zietlow (50) and Daniel Hartwich (40) as a test candidate proclaimed, had to cry for the Model once more.

cry your Camp could be-colleagues feel like, for Oppermann, the Challenge called “Scrapped”, when you are in a sunken ship wreck for the stars should diving not occurred in the first place – and so it was for celebrities only rice and beans.

in tears, she broke the Challenge from

the testing began. “I want to take the exam. And it would be nice if I start. My goal is to pass the test, and to get star,” said Oppermann confident before the start of the Challenge to Zietlow and Hartwich. But was great is the fear of the animals that lurked in the water.

in Front of the entrance hatch, she paused and hesitated for a long time. “I’m not going to do it anyway. I don’t trust me. I want to do it, but it’s not,” says the Model. In tears, she broke the Challenge finally, before the start and said: “I really wanted to try, but it’s not. I am paralyzed …”

“I think it’s very terrible, the type”

Between TV-millionaire Bastian Yotta (42) and curry sausage-man Chris Töpperwien (44) there is still thickness of the air. Since the terrible hour came Chris on his enemy just in time: With Gisele, he chatted at the pond about Yotta and made his Anger air.

“I think it’s very terrible, the type. I know what it is for a left Bazille, the type. I get a lot of Mails from his Fans, who begged that I tell him the opinion. How he has cheated with Transfers, with promises – the people never got their money back,” he alleged.

“I’d love to shoot him”

And further on: “Now comes here and makes a Motivator and the great Zampano. This is what I hate. I thought that he loses control faster. But he is relatively departed. I lose more of my control. You know how aggressive he is. How he looks, how he throws the wood in. I would prefer to have shot him, honestly. I can’t take it anymore but here is also. I thought I could handle it easy peasy to live next to people. But it’s hard.” (kad)