30 km inside the ring road and 30 km on the territory of New Moscow — so many new roads and overpasses built in the city this year.In the capital resumed construction work, some of the trails are already open. The movement began on the overpass across the tracks from CIP street Pond-Keys to the 1st Milling. “This is a very important object required to communicate areas of Lefortovo and Nizhny Novgorod. Before that, they were crossed with W/d areas, the line was launched by CIP. Now is the time for drivers in transit will be cut by six times, said Deputy mayor of Moscow on urban policy and the construction of Andrey Bochkarev. Only in the capital until the end of 2020 will build and run 60 km of roads for various purposes. The most ambitious projects is the construction and reconstruction of Prospekt Generala Dorokhova and Vnukovo highway”. Prospect, incidentally, has already opened two thirds. Left to run the last part from the Minsk street to the Third transport ring, Kutuzovsky and then adjacent and Michurinsky avenues to unload 30%. Another approved project related to a railway — overpass across the line of the October MOR direction in Zelenograd. “It will improve transport accessibility of the areas Silino, Kryukovo district of the city of Solnechnogorsk in the Moscow region, and also allow easier access to the highway M-10 “Russia” and the Pyatnitskoye highway”, — explained the Chairman of the architectural Committee Yuliana Knyazhevskaya.As for such a Grand object, as the North-East Expressway, it is also growing. Next year should be ready overpass exit of the chord on the 5th journey Podbelsky (simultaneously cleaning the adjacent road sections). Builders promise to hand over the plot from the Signal to the 3rd Nizhnelihoborsky travel. “Work here resumed in full and maintained in strict accordance with the new sanitary and organizational standards,” — said the head of the Moscow Department of construction Rafik Zagrutdinov. By the way, this project will build and rekonstruiruet not only expensive, but the overpass over the railroad on Sokolovska highway. In addition, it was recently decided, as a chord to behave outside the ring road. “The stretch of road basic running TSW will run from Kosinski highway to Pokrovskaya street. It will be located on the territory of Kosino-Ukhtomsky district”, — explains Chairman of Moskomekspertizu Valery Leonov.MKAD is connected with another important project — we are talking about the ongoing modernization of the interchanges. At the end of this year the builders will reach the node at the intersection of the Circumferential and Ostashkovskoe highway. Instead of the obsolete “clover” will be a multi-level ramps, and frontage roads (see infographic). Just on the ring road left to remake five interchanges.And now we move to the South and South-West of the capital. This year should go under reconstruction Vnukovo highway (with a new built section). The road from Minsk to Borovsky highway is a continuation of the route of Solntsevo — Butovo — Warsaw highway (see infographic). On the track and around it laid a network of roads, exits and overpasses. Another news concerns the settlements of Sosenskoye and Moscow (in the Novomoskovsk district). “There will be built a main street district values “of the Kaluga highway — Salar” and the adjacent road network. The length of the road will be 19 km, — said the Chairman of Moskomstroyinvest Anastasia Pyatov. — It will provide accessibility to the metro station “Salarevo”, “Filatov Lug” and Prokshino. This will include temporary Parking for personal vehicles and temporary u-turns platform”.2022 will be another automotive link between the settlement Vnukovo and Novo-Peredelkino. “It will be a modern 4-lane highway with an allowed speed of 80 km/h, — explains Vladimir Zhidkin. — The most difficult element will be the 75-meter-high overpass on a stretch of highway “Solntsevo — Butovo — Warsaw highway”. The doubler will improve transport accessibility to the metro station “Novoperedelkino” and relieve Borovskoe highway”. If you talk about point construction sites, they are hard to find. But for the residents of the areas where the planned road changes, they are very important. For example, Sevastopol overpass in the Yasenevo district is waiting for the overhaul. In order not to create traffic jams, the builders promise to do a partial overlapping of the bands.