The Glarus chocolate manufacturer Läderach just want to produce in Switzerland. The operation in Germany, in the Hessian town of Dillenburg, closes the company. 134 employees are affected. Redundancies were inevitable, it said.

The full closure of the production site in Dillenburg status immediately, as the chocolate producer with headquarters in Ennenda announced in the Canton of Glarus on Wednesday. The affected employee wants to avoid the Business cases of hardship in Germany.

Move staff to Switzerland?

Läderach have provided substantial financial resources to mitigate the impact of the closure, it said. For many years, older employees individual retirement were examined solutions. Also examined will be whether employees can move in the Swiss production.

The operation in Dillenburg, according to information from Läderach since 1981. In spite of several strategic initiatives and investments of over ten million euros, it had not succeeded in the last ten years, the German manufacturing site as a stand-alone, self-supporting, and to establish from the Swiss brand’s independent line of business wear. (SDA)