Ambri 2:1
goals: 8. Plastino 0:1. 17. Ejdell 1:1. 56. Ryno 2:1.

Ambri sold also at the second away game in the Champions Hockey League is expensive, but still empty-handed. As with the 0:3 against the finalists from last spring in Munich on Thursday, the Ticino with the Swedish top club are on a par. The team of Luca Cereda, when Dominic Zwerger returned to training in advance to the Ticino, no more playing so many chances, but a Powerplay goal from Nick Plastino in Karlstad in the lead.

Fabio Hofer but the disc at the offensive Blue line loses, and in the back checking something, hesitates, moves Farjestad to the counter and balances. And four and a half minutes before the end, Johan Ryno Ambri Goalie Dominik Hrachovina defeat, because neither Brian Flynn Michaël Ngoy takes care of him.

after 2 Games: 1. Farjestad 6 (8:2). 2. Munich 6 (6:0). 3. Ambri (1:5). 4. Banska Bystrica (1:9).

Hämeenlinna 3:4 n. P .
goals: 12. Hofmann 1:0. 22. Innala 1:1. 2:2. 40. Hofmann 2:1. 42. Krivosik 2:2. 44. McIntyre 3:2. 57. Nenonen 3:3.

The game is conducted in phases-toxic and gruff and calls already after half a Minute, a victim, as EVZ striker Dario Simion of a Check against the head is caught and not on the ice returns.

Against the Finnish Champions of the ECC makes a stronger impression than on Thursday against the Danish Champion Rungsted (5:2). But this time, the opponent is also of a greater quality. Three times the Zug take the lead. Twice to admit Gregory Hofmann hits a double Majority, once David McIntyre. However, Hämeenlinna, creates each time the balance.

The decision is so shoot first in the penalty. And since all of the Zuger fail with Lino Martschini, Hofmann, Erik Thorell and Jan Kovar on the Offensive-tenors, while Leonardo Genoni twice let the Finns beat.

after 2 Games: 1. Pilsen, 5. 2. Train 4. 3. Hameenlinna 3 4. Rungsted 0.

Tappara Tampere 1:0
goals: 59. Riat 1:0.

Biel will have to wait the Fans for a very long time. Because of the superior Jonas Hiller makes the back tight and all the shots parried, the Powerplay goal by Damien Riat, deflects a shot by Anssi Salmela for a Minute before the end, for the second victory in the second game.

The intensity is against Tappara Tampere, far higher than the casual victory on Thursday against Frisk Asker.

after 2 Games: 1. Klagenfurt 6 (6:2). 2. Biel 6 (3:1). 3. Tappara Tampere 0 (2.4). 4. Frisk Asker 0 (1:5).

Locks for Mursak and Emmerton

A sequel were the games of Friday for the two Swiss clubs, Both of Bern-centre-forward Jan Mursak as well as Lausanne Cory Emmerton were locked up for the next game on Sunday in Oulu and Lahti. (sr/nv)