Today is the key date: For many bank customers, a crucial function in online banking is changing today. Here you can find out what it is and what you need to do now.

Postbank has long since informed its customers that the chipTAN procedure will be discontinued. Now the time has come: According to Postbank, May 24th, 2022 is the end of the chipTan security procedure.

That means: From today, millions of bank customers can only access their accounts online, approve orders, view account transactions and download account statements with Postbank BestSign.

In order to continue to carry out your banking transactions as usual, it is best to set up the Postbank BestSign procedure now. You need an app for this. At you can download it for free and get more information:

Access and transactions in online banking must be explicitly confirmed. For many years you could do this at Postbank with the chipTAN procedure.

But that is now history. Postbank is also pointing out the changeover to customers in the online banking portal. The only alternative to this is the BestSign procedure, which is available in two variants:

Tip: Anyone who already uses the Postbank financial assistant app can also use an integrated BestSign there via the settings. Advantage: You no longer have to laboriously switch between two apps to confirm banking transactions on your cell phone.