Chinese TV gave advice on how to protect your loved ones against coronavirus

COVID-2019 — that is the official name of the world health organization awarded the 2019 coronavirus-nCoV. This was stated by the head of the who in Geneva on the 11th of February there was a forum dedicated to infection control. In China the number of victims of the infection exceeded a thousand people. But those who were able to recover, more four thousand. Report Chinese reporters from China Central television (CCTV) on the measures taken by the authorities of the PRC.

a Prolonged “vacation” came to an end: China’s vacation and the opportunity to wait out the epidemic at home now is not at all. In all cities of the country with the most isolated residential neighborhoods, open only one gate. All incoming register — who, where, purpose of the visit, he travelled to the most affected by the virus in the Hubei province?

Established and door-to-door rounds. The district, along with staff administrators daily interviewing residents about their health and possible contacts with infected. All the data reduce to a single database.

“Such work is now doing all of the housing authority of Beijing. Before the Chinese New year half of the residents have left for their native towns and villages, and then extended on a one week vacation they return home. Everyone arrived asking the route of travel. If the list was Hubei province, they are asked to stay home for the two-week quarantine,” says the correspondent of the TV channel CGTN-Russian Gao Feng.

– Anyone else there?

My wife.

she all right?

– I told you not to come to us to measure the temperature!

door-to-Door is now engaged and in the midst of the epidemic. Some residents of Wuhan afraid of too much contact, believing that employees of the housing can carry the virus. In this case, information about their health is collected via a messenger. Then it is passed to the local health authorities.

“Some people call to find out whether there are infected among them neighbors or acquaintances. Of course, we can’t provide them with such information,” — emphasizes the social worker Li Xiangxiang.

According to the Wuhan administration, about 20 thousand cases with mild symptoms of the disease are on home quarantine. They now carry about temporary quarantine centers, expanded exhibition and sports facilities, private clinics, hotels and schools.

This is a good way to protect your loved ones — keep them away from infection.

the cultural complex “Living room of Wuhan” two thousand beds in dozens of rows. And such quarantine centers in the city for more than a dozen. Patients with a severe form of pneumonia driven in 26 hospitals and the two newly built field hospital. They are designed in total for 10 thousand seats.

China Central television specifically for “News”.