Sore throat, muscle aches, dry cough or fever.

It is especially these symptoms, you should be aware of, and may indicate that you are infected with coronavirus. But now showing a new chinese study some completely new symptoms in coronapatienter.

It writes the New York Post.

Some coronapatienter can suffer from neurological problems such as dizziness, headache and impaired consciousness, according to a study, which was published this week.

In the study, which was made by several researchers in the chinese therefore, Wuhan, examined the symptoms in 214 patients, who were infected with the coronavirus, and found that almost half of those who were seriously ill, had neurological problems.

the Study showed that about a third of all surveyed patients – both seriously ill and not seriously ill – as a minimum had each neurological problems such as headaches or dizziness.

exactly led 36 patients of dizziness, 28 of the headache, while 16 coronapatienter part of the impaired consciousness.

Additionally, 19 patients also signs of a reduction of their senses such as not being able to taste or smell normally.

According to the Johns Hopkins University exceeded the number of coronasmittede died worldwide on Friday 100,000, and the number continues to rise in both Denmark and the rest of the world.

the Number of infections worldwide is Sunday, almost up to 1.8 million people.

the Countries with the most infected is right now the UNITED states, Spain, Italy and France.

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