Long wars in the electro – mobility-although the oldest Form of car drive! But at least since Tesla 2012, the noble sport sedan Model S on the road, no car manufacturer around the topic. Today, almost every brand offers at least one full – or part-electric model – and the trend is rising. Especially in China, the E-mobility is booming. In addition to the major players, more and more Start-ups to come – so also Airways : two years ago, the brand name wants of 2020, the purely electric and only around 35’000 Swiss francs-cost SUV U5 the European market. We met Alexander Klose, Deputy managing Director and responsible for foreign business in the case of Airways , to the Interview.

Alexander Klose: A little bit. I understand it better than I speak it.

Always ?
As part of my personal development. After I was CEO of Volvo China, I stayed in China. The new project, the Challenge to bring electric mobility to Europe excites me particularly.

U5 : 35’000 Swiss francs for an electric SUV with almost 500 kilometers of range, a competitive price?
not at All! If this sounds cheap, means only that everything that is on the market today, is extremely unfavorable. We compare ourselves with the combustion engine, just we have designed a vehicle, the only electric drives. But we can’t get to Europe, and sell below cost. We want people to be able to drive electric vehicles with ranges, and even in the Winter, and at a price that is affordable.

The Chinese Always-a factory in Jiangxi province can be 150′ 000 units in the year to produce. The capacity could be increased within two years to 300’000 cars. The batteries are A iways manufactures own battery factory in Jiangsu province, with cells of CATL . This Name is not unknown in Europe. The largest Chinese battery producer, is planning a Gigafactory in Germany, in order to supply from 2021 European manufacturers.

Munich (D) launched his career in the car industry in 1997 in sales at BMW and went to Ford in London, where he was marketing Director. In 2004, Klose moved to Jaguar Land Rover, where he served as CEO of Asia Pacific Region. In 2007, he became CEO of Volvo China. After the founding of Start-ups in the occasion industry Klose is since October 2018, Deputy managing Director, international business at Airways.

How many vehicles do you want to sell in Europe?
, We plan to be in Europe for the first time moderate. This is not to say, however, that we only want to sell a few Hundred cars.

U5 first?
We go in the EU – 25 countries plus the UK, Switzerland and Norway. And because we sell via the Internet, you can order our products wherever there is Internet.

no. But companies that help us to accomplish the distribution. We are going to develop around the automobile around other solutions. But first, we want to offer the sales process completely online. There are sure to be customers, which are not convenient. That’s why we offer other opportunities such as test drives.

It will be delivered to way home. If he wants to get it myself, we have a Partner, where he can pick it up. We talk with companies that might imagine that to operate a different type of car sale. And with vendors who can imagine a different kind of sales process.

Each car has a self-diagnosis and Call the function. If there is something wrong with the vehicle, we urge the customer to contact us. If it is something Serious, we offer a Roadside-Assistance and exchange in the worst case, the car. We are about to engage in conversation, to the network of another company, in order to have in the medium term 10’000 to 20’000 partners in Europe. For problems with the electronics, we need a similar solution like Tesla do not have too many workshops. To change the brake pads on the other hand has to do with electrical engineering.

On the question of whether workers would cheap paid wages in order to keep the cost of the U5 underground, resistance Klose speaks vehemently. Rather, the price hanging heavily with the weight: 1730 kilos, for a car of this Size little. This could be achieved with the 63-kWh battery pack for other producers to significantly larger, more expensive batteries needed. Moreover, the production is thanks to a pure focus on E-drive cheaper.

After two years of development of the electric SUV Airways U5 is set to start at the beginning of 2020 in 28 markets in Europe starting around 35’000 francs. The 4.70 Meter-long U5 weighs 1730 pounds, has a 63-kWh battery in the underbody of the SUV around 460 miles to wander. It is powered by a 190-horsepower E-Motor on the front axle.

In China, many people think of cheap goods. Enough quality for Europe?
With the level of quality we have no Problem. The vehicles will come from a state of the art factory. No other manufacturer even comes close to what we produce there. So big numbers are of course highly complex. Therefore, we have a Team that has helped build this factory. A large part of it comes from Joint Ventures, international and Chinese manufacturers. The know how to build such cars. Therefore, the decision is made quickly to come to Europe.

no, not yet. But we are in talks with producers. Because you are interested in Sharing our technology and the idea of using a Chinese to cooperate, of the quality. A very different way than in the past in the case of Joint Ventures.