Alexander Klose: no, not at all! If this sounds favorable, that means what is on the market today, is extremely unfavorable. We compare ourselves with the combustion engine, just we have designed a vehicle that travels only on electric power. But we can’t get to Europe, and sell below cost. We want people to be able to drive electric vehicles with ranges, and even in the Winter, and at a price that is affordable.

U5 first?
We go in the EU 25 countries plus the UK, Switzerland and Norway. And because we sell via the Internet, customers can order our products wherever you have an Internet connection.

no, but companies that help us to accomplish the distribution. We will develop the car around for other solutions. But first, we want to offer the sales process completely online. There are sure to be customers, which are not convenient. That’s why we offer other opportunities such as test drives.

The car is delivered to the customer’s home. If he wants to pick it up but, we have partners, where he can pick it up.

Each car has a self – diagnosis and a Call function. In case of a Problem we call the customer First to contact us. If it is something Serious, we offer a Roadside-Assistance and exchange in the worst case, the car. We are about to engage in conversation, to the network of another company, in order to have in the medium term 10’000 to 20’000 partners in Europe. For problems with the electronics, we need a similar solution like Tesla do not have too many workshops. To change brake pads, on the other hand has to do with electrical engineering.

Always to be able to a reasonable price to offer?
This is simple: The car only weighs 1730 pounds. So that we can achieve with our 63-kWh-battery – one of the largest cost items – ranges, for which other manufacturers will have a much larger battery need. The vehicle is constructed in such a way that it is focused on E-mobility. And, therefore, can be manufactured inexpensively. With our vehicles they also create no 250 km/h. We limit the maximum speed to 160, because otherwise the energy required would be too great.

U5 for Europe?
With the level of quality we have no Problem, on the contrary, No other manufacturer even comes close to what we can produce! We have a Team that has helped build this state of the art factory. A large part of it comes from Joint Ventures, international and Chinese manufacturers. The know exactly how to build such cars. Therefore, the decision is made quickly to come to Europe.