Chinese markets opened collapse

the First after the Christmas holidays trading on the stock exchanges of mainland China was opened on Monday plummeted by more than 8% on the backdrop of the spread of a new type of coronavirus. This is evidenced by the auction.

the Shanghai Composite Index, reflecting the situation on the Shanghai stock exchange, in the beginning trading session fell by 8.73%. With the collapse as the bidding opened on the site in Shenzhen. A key indicator Shenzhen Component fell by 9.13%. The main index of the Hong Kong stock exchange Hang Seng rose 0.44, RIA Novosti reported.

the Collapse of the stock markets in mainland China is on the verge of outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus in the country. According to official data, the number of people infected has exceeded 17 thousand people died 361 people. Nearly 150 people got sick outside China (in Asia — 96 people in European countries — 23 countries in North America — 13 Australia – 12, in other States and regions of the world recorded five cases), one of them died.

In many countries now strengthened security measures. Thus, the United States, where he found already the ninth case of infection, has banned the entry of foreigners who over the past two weeks visited China. In France, taken under special medical control about twenty passengers, who found symptoms of the disease. But Czech authorities have suspended air service between Prague and cities of the PRC.

Russia on 3 February suspended the movement of all passenger trains in China. Trains on the route Beijing – Moscow, on Monday crossed the border in the TRANS-Baikal territory without the passengers.

Regions of Russia take urgent measures. So, in Transbaikalia, where the coronavirus was last week in the hospital were a citizen of China, are buying an additional batch of protective masks. The regional authorities noted that the demand for them has grown. The test showed that messages about inflated prices was not confirmed.

In The seashore, where the border with China is closed, about their losses, said the transport and tourism companies. Last buses that should deliver in the region from China our people are there waiting in the coming hours.