Chinese doctors said, what happened to the bodies who died of coronavirus

Chinese pathologists published a report in the journal of Forensic Medicine.the results of the autopsy of the deceased from the first of a new type of coronavirus. From this material it became clear what was happening with the internal organs in this disease.

As it turned out, the virus COVID-2019 glavnym seriously affects the human lungs. Is Chinese doctors did not find sufficient evidence that the virus affects other organs.

the Victim was 85-year-old man who was admitted to the hospital due to multiple cerebral infarction. But after a while he had fever, cough and discomfort in throat. The CT scan showed infectious foci on both lungs. On the 13th day of hospitalization he had confirmed the diagnosis COVID-2019.

In the future, the source of infection in the lungs extended to the 28th day of hospitalization the man died. A virus has damaged the deep part of the respiratory tract and pulmonary alveoli. In this pathological process COVID-2019 was very similar to SARS SARS and middle East respiratory syndrome MERS.