Chinese authorities postponed the publication of trade data for January

the Customs administration of China announced the decision to abandon the publication of statistics on trade of China in January.

Instead of traditional publish separate data for the first month of the year in Beijing decided to combine the trade statistics for January and February.

this representative of the General administration of customs of China announced at a press conference on Friday, February 7, answering the question about the absence of the press release as expected, will be published this day.

According to the Agency, starting this year, the publication of trade statistics of China for January and February will be combined to match the schedule of publication of data from the National Bureau of statistics of China.

In the Chinese media noted that many economists had previously estimated, the trade data of China for January and February in their entirety, taking into account the factor of decrease in activity during this period due to the Chinese New year.

Some Western experts, however, admitted that the decision to delay the publication of the trade statistics of China is due to uncertain situation of the coronavirus, however, many expect a noticeable decline in trade performance of the Chinese economy in January of this year. According to polls the Wall Street Journal, economists expect that exports of China in January 2020 fell by 4.8% in annual terms, the reduction in China’s imports is projected at 6.5%.