The Chinese authorities have banned showing men with feminine appearance on television. This is reported by AP News.

TV broadcasting companies are ordered to resolutely prevent the appearance of “effeminate men” and other “abnormal aesthetics”in programs. According to the country’s authorities, the elegant images of pop stars and actors do not encourage young Chinese people to be sufficiently courageous. TV channels must also strictly control the choice of actors for the show, their appearance and behavior on the air.

The government also opposed the propaganda of the cult of wealth and fame. In particular, the discussion of people’s private lives has been banned. According to the Chinese authorities, this does not reflect the country’s values. Instead, the portrayal of “excellent Chinese traditional culture, revolutionary culture, and advanced socialism culture”is encouraged.

Earlier, the Chinese government banned schoolchildren from playing video games on weekdays. Now children under the age of 18 can spend no more than three hours a week playing games. For underage users, up to an hour of game time is available on Fridays, weekends and holidays.