Public documents of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomy suggests that the Chinese authorities intend to sterilize thousands of Uyghur women. In this form of genocide China suspected authors of Foreign Policy magazine.

In the material quoted extracts from the budget for family planning in 2019 sintszyanskiy in the city of Khotan and neighboring provinces of Gum — both areas are populated mostly by Uyghurs. According to that edition was taken out of the document, the government has allocated money for sterilization of 14.8 thousand women in the city and just over 8 thousand in the province, as well as the installation of 5.9 thousands uterine contraceptive spirals.

It is reported that the number of sterilizations provided in a single year, more per capita than in the last 20 years in total. FP notes that this policy deals specifically with regions, dominated by the Uighurs. 80 percent of all spirals that are installed in 2018 in China, had on Xinjiang — and this despite the fact that the population of the region is only 1.8 percent of the total population of China.

2018 women prisoners released from “reeducation camps”, in which mass is placed Uyghurs, began to talk about some injections, after which they lost or stopped menstrual cycle. Some reported that they were forcibly installed the uterine spiral or subjected to sterilization.

It is also known that from 2015 to 2018, the birth rate in the regions, mainly inhabited by Uygurs, fell to 84 percent, with an average value of this indicator in the country at 4.2%. At the same time, writes FP, the government actively imported to workers from among the representatives of the ethnic majority and encouraging inter-ethnic marriages.

These measures — part of an integrated approach of the Chinese authorities to cooperate with the Uighur minority. In late June, activists reported that the Muslims Uighurs for fear of being in a “reeducation camps” were forced to eat pork, forbidden by their religion.