China urged the United States to specific efforts to combat coronavirus

China’s leader XI Jinping has urged the United States to take concrete steps to expand cooperation in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus and said he was concerned about the outbreak in the United States, saying that China will support the Washington, reports the South China Morning Post.

XI and his us counterpart Donald trump held telephone talks, trying to ease the tension after a few weeks of the pandemic coronavirus around the world.

si Trump said that China has showed openness and a high level of responsibility in providing information, including gene sequence of the coronavirus from the beginning of the outbreak, and provided assistance to other countries, told state broadcaster CCTV, China.

In the appeal to US officials, including trump, against repeated attempts of the American side to accept Covid-19 it is the “Chinese virus”, si said, the disease knows no boundaries and ethnicity, it is “our common enemy is. The international community can only defeat him together”.

“the Relations between China and the United States are at a critical juncture. Cooperation is mutually beneficial for both countries, and the conflict will only cause harm. Cooperation is the only right choice”, — said the Chinese leader.

“it Is hoped that the United States will take concrete actions to improve Sino-us relations, and both sides will work together to strengthen cooperation in areas such as the fight against the epidemic,” he said.

XI said he is concerned about the outbreak of coronavirus in the United States, and health officials from two parties have been in constant contact.

“China is ready to continue to unconditionally share information and experiences with the United States,” he said.

In their social network trump said that just completed a very nice conversation with si. “We have discussed in detail the coronavirus, whichnd destroys a large part of our planet. China has been through a lot and developed a deep understanding of the virus. We work closely with. Great respect!”, he wrote.