About 7,500 women and girls from Myanmar are to be sold, according to a study for forced marriage to China. The notes for a new investigation of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Accordingly, the women from the Northern crisis States of Kachin and Shan were married, especially with old, sick or disabled men in rural areas of China. The majority of the women will be forced to bring a child into the world.

The women were mostly from poor backgrounds and were often subject to threats and forced marriages, reports the authors of the study. Others had voluntarily gone as brides to China to escape poverty and political instability.

the sale of The women is going to arranged from their families or the village elders, said study author W. Courtland Robinson. Most of the affected girls and women could not resist, because they are traditionally among the Weakest in the village communities, and resistance is met with violence. For young women, for example, Chinese men would pay up to $ 15,000.

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For the study, hundreds of women and girls were interviewed who had fled from their forced marriages were interviewed. Part of the respondents had returned after fleeing to Myanmar, and part is still lived in China. The study also notes that for part of the affected women, the marriages, even if they were initially forced to work, and you would have a better life in China.

Due to the decades-long One-child policy in China today, significantly more men than women. Therefore, each year will be brought tens of thousands of women from Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam to China.