the hours of 10.00 on Saturday morning local time, stopped people on the sidewalks over most of China for the honor of the country’s deaths by corona virus.

While people in several places held a three-minute nationwide silence, went luftsirenerne in time, and cars, trains, and ships let their horn sounds over the country.

In megapolis Wuhan, where the virus late last year began to spread as the first place in the world, stood the people still on the streets.

Employees at Tongji hospital, stood outside the main building, with bowed down heads.

Some had donned their armour has become a symbol of the crisis, which has spread to most countries of the world.

I feel a pervasive sadness for both our colleagues and the patients who have died, ” says Xu, a nurse who worked at the frontline in the hospital, when the virus was at its peak in Wuhan.

I hope they find the rest.

3330 people died of the virus in China, shows an inventory conducted by the Johns Hopkins University.

however, There is some uncertainty about the figure.