The volume of emissions and the number of shares to be issued initially remained unclear. According to the SEC data, the volume will be $ 100 million, it would be this figure, however, is a mere placeholder. Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley to accompany the IPO.

Luckin Coffee is growing rapidly and wants to overtake in the course of this year, Starbucks as the largest coffee house chain in China. The young company, which has been assessed in the recent round of funding, with almost three billion dollars, will open this year 2500 branches and more than 4500 branches operate. Starbucks had more than 3600 stores in the people’s Republic and is also on a course of expansion.

Luckin Coffee was officially established until the beginning of 2018. Thus, the path is denied on the Hong Kong stock exchange, because there are demands for a step on the floor of the balance sheets for three years. In the past year, Luckin Coffee reported according to the company, a loss of the equivalent of 120 million dollars. One of the owners of the company of the Singaporean state Fund.