China March 28 and will ban most foreigners entry into the country

This step is a recognition of the fact that most new cases of coronavirus in China is currently imported foreigners from abroad. As you know, the Chinese government slowed the spread of this disease among its own population.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS Pushkov: China will emerge from the crisis of the epidemic COVID-19 stronger

According to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China and national immigration authorities, foreign nationals who currently have a Chinese visa or residence permit, will be temporarily denied entry into the country until further notice.

the Government suspends all visa and transit visa (scientific, humanitarian, economic and other) programs. Persons with diplomatic passports are exempt from these obligations.

the statement said that foreign nationals who need to visit China out of necessity, need to apply for new visas.

Photo: Reuters/Aly Song the Chinese did a video with the Russian song “So you want to live” on combating coronavirus

In recent days, China has introduced more stringent restrictions on the entry of foreigners, including 14-day quarantine for individuals arriving from countries heavily affected by the pandemic. China also drastically reduced the number of foreigners who can come into the country. Foreign airlines are allowed to doü only a few flights per week.

Mass and rigid enough to isolate people in the most affected areas is gradually put under the control of the spread of the virus, and some cities even allow workers to return to their jobs.

According to the National Commission of health of China, on Wednesday on the Chinese mainland, there were 67 new confirmed cases COVID-19, and they were all imported from abroad, reported Xinhua.