China’s auto market is the largest in the world, but he was slowed down by the Corona-crisis almost completely. Car sales in China fell in the first two months of the year compared to the previous year by 42 percent, while sales of the so-called New Energy Vehicles (NEV), including battery electric, Plug-in Hybrid and hydrogen vehicles, fell by 60 percent. In February alone, the decline in the new car market was even higher at 82 percent.

China is driving production back up again

While in Europe or the United States to a series of car factories to suspend production, is driving China to its factories back up – for example, when Daimler-Partner Geely. Under extreme controls and Hygiene Standards of the people are allowed back to their jobs . Geely car manufacturer Geely are employees working on elevated body temperature checked, However, the decline in the sales balance, will not be enough for long. Especially in the cities, restrictions on admission of brakes for years, the growth of what was at times a bottom line, thriving market as a whole is not a Problem, now but definitely. The limits were introduced because of the congestion and environmental problem in around 10 Chinese Megacities. As the trade magazine “Automotive News” reported, have now passed but many cities of the limitations to the new car sales boost.

electric cars in Beijing

preferably, according to “Automotive News” in Shanghai in March, more number plates are allocated as in the prior-year period, Hangzhou will allow 20,000 cars per year and in Beijing according to plan of the authorities, especially for electric vehicles, rising to 100,000 new approvals could be granted. Ultimately, this would also be for the German car manufacturers is a good news, because your new E-models – e-tron Sportback from Audi or the BMW iX3 – would provide a growing demand. The Chinese leadership does not want to continue, apparently, to their plans to extend subsidies for electric vehicles beyond 2020.