Chinese Baikonur Xichang launched a carrier rocket “Changzheng-11” with two experimental satellites. May 30, reported China Daily.

Solid-propellant rocket put into orbit satellites Xinjishu Shiyan-Shiyan Xinjishu and G-H. These spacecraft, developed by experts of the Shanghai technical center of microsatellites and the National University of defense technology of China. They will be used to test new technologies in the field of inter-satellite data transfer and remote sensing.

It is noted that in this run for the first time used a new fairing for the launch vehicle “Changzheng-11”. Also, this rocket was first launched from the Baikonur “Xichang”, previous runs of “Changzheng-11” was carried out from the cosmodrome “Jiuquan” in the North-West of China and the floating platform in the Yellow sea.

As previously reported IA REGNUM, on may 12 from the Baikonur “Jiuquan” was launched booster “of Queijo-1A” experimental satellites “Xingyun-2 01” and “02”.