China is preparing a package of measures to restore export

For Russia, this is very important: from the Chinese supply depends on the production of many types of products – from electronics to food. The protracted effects of the virus Chinese “new year holidays” may have an impact on the Russian producers.

For Russia, the Chinese import is not only consumer goods. Delivery from China is critical for some Russian automakers and electronics manufacturers

In the structure of Russian import the share of China exceeds 22%. Basically China exports to Russia machinery, equipment and vehicles (57,04% of the total volume of imports from China, according to the portal “Foreign trade of Russia”), textiles and footwear (10,81%), chemical industry products (10,14%) and food and agricultural products (3,18%). Russia’s imports from China in 2019 exceeded 54.1 billion dollars, and China remains our main trade partner.

Photo: news Agency Xinhua XI Jinping: the Fight against coronavirus and poverty in China are inextricably linked

the critical for some of auto parts manufacturers and automakers. So, KAMAZ announced that in the event of further disruption of supplies of components from China it may from April 20 to introduce the enterprise mode of incomplete working week, to avoid unscheduled production stoppages.

Despite Russia’s attempts to develop its own production of electronics, it remains heavily dependent on Chinese suppliers. Some experts believe that components can be partially replaced by products from India, South Korea and Singapore, while others believe that in the world there is simply no capacity, comparable to the Chinese.

General administration of customs of China (GAC) stated that it is willing to make every effort to support Chinese exporters. Among rassmatrivaetmykh measures to further simplify customs procedures, reduce inspection and quarantine fees, and the creation of comfortable conditions at the checkpoints.

In Dongguan, the manufacturing center of the country, resumed work about 91% of the largest import and export enterprises with foreign investment, according to Xinhua news Agency. Start of works was postponed due to the growth of the epidemic. The coronavirus has affected export orders of some enterprises: their number has decreased by about 10-15% year-over-year operating costs of the enterprises grew at the expense of labor costs, raw materials and logistics.

At the same time, according to the custom of Dongguan, cross-border e-Commerce remains a high growth rate. So, in January it exceeded of 182, 4 million dollars, which is 15.6 times more than in the same month last year. According to this indicator, Dongguan, ranked first in China.