China has increased oil imports from Saudi Arabia at 47% in 2019

Moscow, 31 Jan – “News.Economy.” Oil imports from Saudi Arabia to China in 2019 increased by almost 47%, according to statistics from the General administration of customs of China.


Shipments to China from world’s largest exporter of oil in 2019 rose to a record high 83,32 million tons, or 1.67 million barrels a day. In December, the volume of deliveries amounted to 6.99 million tons.

the State oil company of Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco adopted a new marketing strategy, signing at least two new delivery agreements with private oil refiners in China, writes Reuters. Previously, Saudi Aramco has dealt only with the state oil companies of China under long-term contracts.

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China in 2019 has set a new record in the import netiketai sharply increased oil imports from Rosecity wins U.S. oil grease, the second largest supplier of oil to China last year set a record 77,64 million tons, or about 1.55 million b/d, about 9% more than the year before.

oil Imports from the US to China in 2019 has dropped almost by half to 6.35 million tons, in December the purchase was missing.

As reported “Vesti.Economy”, the US and China on 15 January signed a trade agreement the first phase.

under the agreement in the next two years China agrees to invest in the purchase of American goods by $200 billion more than in 2017 in terms of industrial goods and agricultural products but also covers energy commodities, including oil, LNG and coal.

Despite the threat of us sanctions, in 2019, China also imported to 14.77 million tonnes of oil from Iran, which is about half of the imports in 2018 In December arrivals from Iran amounted to about 405 thousand tons.

Direct supply from Venezuela was reduced to zero for the third month in a row. Annual imports from Venezuela fell by almost a third – to 11.39 million tonnes. Text: News.Economy