China has imposed sanctions against 11 official American people, writes TASS.

It is noted that the way China responded to the actions of the U.S. Treasury, taken against officials of China and Hong Kong.

"These sanctions come into force today and apply to the 11 people" – are the words of the representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China Wang Zhao Lijiang.

Earlier, the US imposed sanctions against officials of the Communist party of China for "undermining the autonomy of Hong Kong and the violation of human rights". Washington accuses China of that developed by the Chinese Parliament a bill on the protection of the Hong Kong aimed at eliminating the autonomy of the region.

In 1997 Britain handed Hong Kong to China on the terms "One country, two systems". The city should maintain the autonomy, and its inhabitants – a wide political rights, including freedom of speech and Assembly, until 2047. After the adoption of the law on national security authorities of the PRC there were ample opportunities to restrict civil freedoms in the region.