China expects that the impact of the virus on the economy of South-East Asia will be short

a Senior Chinese diplomat tried to ease concerns about the economic consequences of an outbreak of coronavirus for South-East Asia, writes Reuters.

Flash COVID-19 caused disruptions in global supply chains and hit on tourist, transport and other industries.

Some projects are massive trade and infrastructure initiatives of Beijing’s “One belt and one road” in Southeast Asia were postponed. Because of restrictions on the movement of Chinese workers are unable to return after the holidays. In addition, affected imports from China.

the Ambassador of China in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Dan Sitzung said that Beijing has taken measures to support enterprises involved in the project “One belt one road”, including by assisting companies in preparing for the resumption of their work abroad in an orderly manner.

“China is a trading partner for ASEAN for the past 11 years, as well as the main source of tourists and investment… so, of course, it will have a negative impact on economic and trade relations,” said Dan reporters.

“However, I think that this [effect] temporary and short-term”, he added.