a “It is absolutely wrong and shamelessly” – outraged the Chinese readers. They discuss an article written by Vladimir Putin, and bombarded with criticism of the West and his attempts to rewrite history. The commentators share their own vision of history, noting that in the West it has long been falsified.

In honor of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the great Patriotic war on June 24 Russia is preparing to hold a Grand military parade in Moscow. Before this event, on 18 June the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has published the author’s article “the Actual lessons of the 75th anniversary of the Second world war” in the American edition The National Interest. In his article, Putin made a comprehensive assessment of the historical events of world war II, stressed the important role of the Soviet red Army in victory and gave a powerful response to current attempts by Western countries to falsify the history of world war II.

In September last year, the European Parliament adopted a resolution “About the importance of preserving historical memory for the future of Europe”, equating the Soviet Union to Nazi Germany and even declaring that the Treaty of non-aggression between Germany and the Soviet Union “opened the way” to the beginning of the Second world war. For this reason, Putin said, “counterattack”, condemning the attempts of Europe to shift the blame for the Second world war with the Nazis to the Communists.

After the article Putin on 19 June the chief editor of The National Interest Jacob Heilbrunn (Jacob Heilbrunn) stated that this article will provoke a strong reaction among Western readers and will direct the development of US policy toward a more realistic approach.

In the beginning of the article, Putin noted that since the end of world war II it’s been 75 years, and over the years several generations have grown up, changed the political map of the world. But this war left a deep mark in the history of every family.

“For my parents the war is the terrible suffering of besieged Leningrad, where he died my two year old brother Victor, where it miraculously survived the mother. Father, with your booking, he volunteered to defend his city — did as well as millions of Soviet citizens. Fought on the beachhead “Nevsky Piglet," was severely wounded”.

Putin said: “Our responsibility before the past and the future to do all we can to prevent the repetition of terrible tragedies. Therefore, I considered it my duty to make the article about the Second world war and the great Patriotic war”.

He noted that the root causes of the Second world war largely emanate from decisions taken after the First world war. National humiliation has formed a breeding ground for radical and revanchist sentiment in Germany.

Putin stressed that the Soviet Union and the Red Army made a decisive contribution to the victory over the Nazis. In all military operations of the anti-Hitler coalition�� by the Soviet army accounted for approximately 75% of the war effort. According to the report of the International Commission on reparations from Germany, “the amount spent by Germany on the Soviet front soldato-days exceeds the same number in all the other allied fronts, at least 10 times. The Soviet front was also delayed four-fifths of the German tanks and about two thirds of the German aircraft”. During the war the Soviet Red army destroyed 626 division “axis”, of which 508 were German.

Now some are trying to downplay the facts. With this objective Putin addressed in his article with a warning to the historical revisionism of the West. “Historical revisionism, the existence of which we are seeing now in the West, particularly in relation to the topic of the Second world war and its outcome, the threat that cynically distorts the understanding of the principles of peaceful development laid down in the 1945 Yalta and San Francisco conferences.”

In September 2019, the European Parliament adopted a resolution which partially shifts the blame for the outbreak of war on the Treaty of nonaggression signed by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, which is also called the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. In turn, Putin called the resolution, supported by the Polish Parliament “complete nonsense”. Subsequently, this led to a diplomatic conflict between the Russian and Polish governments about the causes of war.

Putin noted that Russia sober judgment of historical events and defends the truth, while the West still keeps the historical documents in secret, and revisionism is thriving. He urged all countries to cooperate in the study of the history of the Second world war, Recalling that the rejection of the understanding of the lessons of history forces people to repeat the same mistakes.

In the past year due to the outbreak of a war of words between Russia and the European countries Moscow announced the creation of the largest collections of archival documents on the history of the Second world war, open to all. Then Putin said that the move will force those who distorts history for their own benefit once and for all “close your mouth”.

Reportedly, after the publication of Putin’s article in The National Interest on June 18, the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev said that Putin’s call for the transcript archives of world war II will confirm the appropriate historical truth about the war. “There’s still a lot of things can be found out. I am sure nothing will be found not to deny our reading of history and nothing they will not confirm the history, issued by the European Parliament and other opportunists from politics.”

“gentlemen, the archives must be opened sooner or later,” — said Kosachev.

the reader Comments:

Crazy explosion and a disorderly chaos: For these several years, although not all world war II veterans died, the story has not spared… the authenticity of the story of European civilization really is in doubt, all a falsification!

BA Qi’s eating lemon cakes and kills in response to a Mad burst and random chaos: When the Europeans and Americans write the history of the Second world war, they commonly do not mention the theatre of war in China.

yunshu in response to the Insane burst and random chaos: I don’t know about history, but if you look at the nice new clean “Greek” monuments and sculptures, and the falsification is obvious, hehe.

Yang Zheng in response to the frantic blast and indiscriminate chaos is not Far to seek, since these events are not we have personally experienced in the West has become mainstream to lie incessantly about the history of those years.

Guanlet cloud in response to the Mad messy blast and chaos: the story from the beginning deserve doubt. Not a new story, but since the time of Ancient Greece it was full of questionable facts.

Cao Cao: After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Stalin immediately turned into the same as Hitler, an evil demon. China should be persistent and not surprisingly, it’s China invaded Japan during world war II.

Rod Csuca in response Cao Cao: the capitalists always like turn themselves into virtues, and his people — in one.

guan_15630227932709: the West has repeatedly been people who tried to rewrite history. Many of them sympathized with the Nazis and mirotvorets, or simply were themselves Nazis. They think if they shove the blame on a different ideology, you will have no problems.

Stone 123: If someday future generations will say that Britain and America defeated Nazi Germany and Auschwitz was liberated by the Americans, wouldn’t that be absolutely ignorant? It is absolutely wrong and disgraceful.

The red card in response to Stone 123: No need to wait for that “someday” and “future generations”. Pens already this year, said that Auschwitz was liberated by the Americans.

Troll Kai: This Western stunts and I’m trained in: USA helped Japan’s oil at the early stage of the war, then the States were partners who supported the Japanese fascists. In the early days of the war, America stood on the side of justice and even teamed up with demons (the Japanese) just to enable both parties to lose their national power during the war. In the end, the United States entered the war only in order to rule the world from the standpoint of justice and power. They are the source of all evil.

Better learn also: great Britain and France for their own interests at that time were guided by the policy of appeasement towards G��rmania. Here they both —just the lackeys of the Nazis!!

Heart of the Empire turned to Khamis: But nothing to do when Europe and America have something to say, the whole world listens to them. China and Russia no one is listening. We do not have the right to vote.

Long: If we have no right to vote, we still need to talk. To say more, because the more you say, the more chance that we will be heard abroad. If you do not speak, and chance.

Looking at the universe with eyes wide open: In fact, at the initial stage of the war, Britain incited Germany to attack the Soviet Union and then changed the strategy to a virtuous policy.

Windy and cloudy weather: Initially, the Soviet Union offered Britain and France to join forces to suppress Nazi Germany, but they rejected him. They blankly watched as Germany absorbed the Sudetenland in the Czech region and other European regions. The Soviet Union saw through the evil plans of England and France, therefore, was forced to sign with Germany the Agreement on non-aggression. Britain and France themselves tied legs and arms: Germany not attacked the Soviet Union immediately after the occupation of Poland and turned around and invaded France.

Bureau frightening strategy: A policy of appeasement of Britain and France no longer plays any role?! No responsibility?

Virtuous: In the Wake of world war II forces of China and the Soviet Union weakened. The highest price for the war paid China, Soviet Union, UK, Germany, Italy and Japan. After the war Germany, Italy and Japan are vassals of the United States. Later, the United States intervened to restore post-war order to derive maximum benefit. If you look at the end of the war — it’s the script that wrote the United States! This is the situation that has developed thanks to the hands of the American oligarchs, people in poor Jewish neighborhoods! The purpose of the Second world war was to weaken Chinese and Russian nation. The purpose of the border conflict between China and India today also is to weaken the Chinese and the Indian nation. So the American oligarchs are the main force, which must confront the world! Large Nations will be destroyed by them.

Han Qiu Four: When States are weak, they have no choice but to rewrite history. This is the harsh reality!