Abruptly ceased the cars to run and people stopped. They bowed their heads, held the hand to her chest. Sirens whistled over the city and the cars tutet. In three minutes were the victims of the korona is honored by those who have survived the disaster.

in the Midst of these emotional minutes of the burst, an older woman in loudly cried. An older man tried to comfort her, but she pushed him away. She has lost a relative, a close friend?

I don’t know, but her pain cut in your soul, and got my tears to roll.

ON the JOB: the Staff at a restaurant in Beijing taking part in the three-minute ceremony with bent heads

Photo: WANG ZHAO Fates

the Destinies is many, and the stories are strong. One of my acquaintances lost his mother in February. She was old, but could have been live longer, if it were not for the korona.

Ambulansene had not capacity. The hospitals had no capacity. She did not receive medical attention, and died. Not of korona, but because of the korona.

In the city of Wuhan, where koronaviruset first got the grip, many have suffered such fates. People have experienced having to lug their ill family members from hospital to hospital, without having to drop into.

In the lack of medical attention have entire families succumbed to korona. Some also behind the lock and turn. They were closed inside of nabokomiteer, who feared that the highly infectious virus would spread in your neighborhood.

The official number of victims of the disease Covid-19, as the virus leads to, is in China 3335. Probably, the figure is far higher. Many died a horrible death in the beginning of the outbreak, but was never tested. In addition to the many who are indirect victims.

BEND the HEAD: Police in Beijing are taking part in a nationwide programme of the victims of the korona

Photo: THOMAS PETER Martyrs

Health care provider who was ordered to Wuhan, as soldiers in a war, hailed for his efforts.

Fourteen of them hedres in the day as martyrs.

One of them is doctor Li Wenliang, who died of Covid-19, after the police gave him a gag order to be notified about the virus.

REMEMBER: When the doctor Li Wenliang died of Covid-19 was the riot on social media because the police reprimanded Li for having alerted colleagues about the virus, and because the authorities leave the lid on virusutbruddet.

Photo: STRINGER / Reuters

A storm of protest on social media against the authorities ‘ handling of him and virusutbruddet, led to that the police received a rebuke, and the Communist party pressed him to his breast.

Emoji against China’s korona-censorship

today was president Xi Jinping at the head of minnestunden, dressed in black. The flag was lowered at half mast, and trains and ships criss-crossing the country chimed in with a deafening tribute to the victims.

Minneseremonien coincide with the annual forfedrefestivalen Qing Ming, in which the bereaved gather at the tombs will to honor the dead.

In the years are all different.


the Ashes of his mother, who died in Beijing is now in an urn in her daughter’s home. She can not be laid to rest at the burial site before the disaster is declared over and begravelsesbyråene have the capacity.

In Wuhan have relatives finally had taken the ashes of their loved ones, after people have been isolated in their homes since 24 January, but the bereaved have been told that they must wait until the end of april before they can get access to the tombs will.

the Capital city of Beijing have released relatively easily from the virusutbruddet, with only eight korona-dead, but the fear is widespread.

Since January, the population in the whole of China lived, with the imminent danger of infection. People have held their breath. Most people have kept themselves inside.

Families have had advice on how often they can go out and act, and who can, or dare to go out for a walk, when munnbindene not enough.

Now is spring arrived and the windows open. The sky is extraordinarily blue, the flowers and sparkles against a hot sun. There is almost no new infections.

Nevertheless, there is no release celebration loose. Relieved to live, and in sorrow for those who died. All is characterized.

the FLAG: China’s flag was lowered at half mast at sunrise to honor the many dead.

Photo: STRINGER / Reuters