From Saturday, the vast majority of foreigners denied entry into China, that will prevent the spread of corona virus.

China will temporarily prohibit most foreigners entry into the country. It shall communicate to the chinese foreign ministry Thursday.

It is done in an attempt to prevent coronavirusset to spread further.

The temporary ban also applies to travellers with a valid visa or residence permit, shall notify the ministry.

There is talk about “a temporary measure, as China is compelled to impose in the light of the situation with the outbreak”, says the message.

China’s government has ordered airlines to cut drastically down on the number of flights into and out of the country.

There will be only one route to every country in the world and only one flight a week.

Foreign carriers are subject to the same restrictions.

the Ban will come into force at midnight on Saturday.

Exempted from the rules are diplomats and persons with a so-called C visa, informs the ministry. C-visa is typically granted to foreigners who work in the transport sector and, for example, running goods across the border to China.

China’s government will do everything possible to prevent coronavirusset flare up again in the country.

It sprang originally from the megapolis Wuhan in the Hubei province in december. In China, it has according to official figures, claimed the lives of nearly 3300 people have lost their lives, while over 21,000 have died worldwide.