China began to develop a vaccine against new coronavirus

Photo credit: TASS/Wu Hong/EPA

the specialists of the Center for control and prevention of diseases of China started the development of a vaccine against the new coronavirus that causes pneumonia. About it reports TASS.

it is Clarified that to date, scientists have managed to isolate the virus. Now they take drugs, which effectively counteract the pneumonia caused by a coronavirus, a new type.

on Sunday, the number of people infected with coronavirus in China has exceeded 2 thousand persons, 56 patients died. More than half of all cases were reported in Hubei province, which is the focus of the spread of the disease.

on the Eve of the capital’s hotel in Voykovskiy district was hospitalized citizens of the PRC. It was reported that seven people had a fever. Doctors made a preliminary diagnosis of SARS.

Previously, doctors had to check for signs of pneumonia 13-year-old boy from China, who together with his family he arrived at Sheremetyevo. During the flight, he complained of pain. In a survey of the new coronavirus had not been confirmed.

doctors had tested for the presence of virus five students-natives of China, studying in Irkutsk. Symptoms of a new type of pneumonia, they found no.

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