China announced the imminent end of the epidemic of coronavirus in the country and the low likelihood of a new wave

Chinese scholars and experts in health care participating in the country's fight with the coronavirus, believe that the worst is behind us Chinese scientists and experts in health care participating in the country’s fight with the coronavirus, I think that the worst is over
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Chinese scientists and experts in health care participating in the country’s fight with the coronavirus, I think that the worst is over, disagreeing with warnings that the disease may be seasonal or something more deadly second wave could strike later in the year. It is reported by Reuters.

As the pandemic continues to spread outside of China, an increasing number of countries preparing for the worst-case scenario in which flash will be completed no earlier than next year. However, medical consultants in China believe that the country adopted strict containment measures will allow to take a flash inside the country under full control within a few weeks.

Despite concerns about imported from abroad cases, experts say that China should be able to eliminate coronavirus as he eliminated the outbreak of SARS in 2003. In the end, SARS was stopped after the government introduced stringent measures for diagnosis and quarantine.

Deputy Director of the Institute of cytobiology China Gao Jinlan announced an official newspaper, Youth Daily that at present the country has made “99 out of 100 steps” needed to win over coronavirus, warning that if the infection gets out of control in other countries, it “may reduce the value of the costs and sacrifices of China.”

Earlier in Wuhan city, which became the focus of flash, the first time since the beginning of the epidemic was noted to have new cases of “internal” transmission of the virus. However, imported cases have reached a record level of 34. During five consecutive days, their number exceeded the number of cases of transmission within the country.

the Director of the Institute of molecular biology at the University of Queensland’s Ian Henderson has called China’s actions to curb the virus, “extraordinary”, but said the possibility of a second outbreak, this time imported. According to him, with the weakening of the control of isolation in China, the virus can flare up if it has not been destroyed somewhere else.

Other experts say about the possibility that coronavirus could become a seasonal disease along with the usual flu. The head of the Robert Koch Institute Lothar Wheeler said that the pandemic may be delayed for two years, spreading waves. According to him, the duration of a pandemic will depend on the speed of vaccine development, as well as how many people have been ill COVID-19 and will become immune to it. According to the head of IRC, will eventually recover COVID-19 maybe 60-70% of the population, but what will be in the end the mortality rate, we don’t yet. It is not excluded that restrictions on movement may persist for the entire duration of the pandemic.