The climate diplomats wanted to 2. to 13. December in the Chilean capital meeting.

“in view of the difficult circumstances experienced by our country in the last few weeks, has decided not to our government, to host the APEC summit in November, and the COP is 25 in December,” said the head of state, Sebastián Piñera in front of the press at the seat of government Casa de la Moneda. The government had to devote himself primarily to the pacification and the development of reforms that would the demands of the wave of protest meet.

The annual climate summit will serve to the implementation of the Paris climate agreement. Last year, more than 20’000 participants in the Polish city of Katowice arrived.

To be delivered to low wages and pensions

A scheduled increase in the transport prices initially had the explosive for the for a good two weeks of continuous protests. A little later the inhabitants of the South American country made a fundamental anger over low wages and pensions, the immense cost of living, and inequality of well conditions in air. On Friday 1.2 million people in Santiago de Chile went on the road.

there have been Repeated violence and vandalism, security forces took tough action against the demonstrators. There were Deaths, injuries and thousands of arrests. Because of the unrest, the government had imposed more than ten days a state of emergency with curfew, but on Monday repealed. (SDA)