Children’s Technopark equal opportunities of the Russian state social University (RSSU) engineering organizes spring break. Pupils of 7-11 grades can remotely receive training in such areas as engineering design, CAD, prototyping (3D printing), reverse engineering, virtual and augmented reality, multimedia technology, graphic design and mobile robotics on the Arduino platform. Participants will be able to select one of the lines.

the Holidays will be held in two sessions: from 18 to 23 may and from 25 to 30 may. The course is designed for 24 academic hours. The lectures are conducted from Monday to Saturday from 13:30 to 17:30.

you will be able to students of the schools included in the project “Engineering class at the Moscow school”. Now in the capital 110. Need to enroll on the website. To find the necessary directions should be chosen as the site design center “Children’s technology Park of equal opportunities” of the University.

“Engineering break will allow students not only to spend time, but also to use this knowledge later, for example while studying technical subjects at universities. In the classroom, students can learn modern it technologies and perform a number of tasks, which will be a small, independent project. For spring break we invite students of schools of the project “Engineering class at the Moscow school” because the directions clear and understandable to them, and for the summer plan to significantly expand the audience”, — said the Deputy head of children’s Technopark of the University Mikhail Bakin.

Detailed information can be obtained by phone: +7 (916) 841-45-16. You can also e-mail us at: