Children will be extended


Children extended “curfew”

Parliamentarians Bashkortostan decided to cut to children walking in the summer. And adopted the amendment to the law which provides for them a “curfew”.

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Now, from 1 may to 30 September, the children were forbidden to be outside without their parents from 23:00 to 6:00 am.

As specified in the state Assembly of the Republic, the changes adopted at the request of teachers. So earlier “curfew” begins in the summer with 24 hours. The duration for the rest of the year will remain unchanged, from 22:00 to 6:00 PM.

Pros lowered taxes

Voronezh region six times the reduced rate of tax according to simplified system for small and medium business in the sphere of computer technologies. Companies will be able to allocate the budget only one percent of revenues.

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the Right to benefit will receive an organization whose main activity is software development, consultation or other work in the field of IT, provided that the revenue in these areas in the reporting tax period is not less than 70 per cent of the total revenue.

In such firm should not be less than three employees, and assessed wages should not fall below the industry average (according Voronezhstal in December 2019, is 50.8 per thousand).

In connection with the decrease in the interest rate according to simplified system for the IT-business regional Treasury could lose about 100 million rubles a year. However, lawmakers expectedinvolving that in the future the shortfall in revenues will be offset by growth in gross regional product and it people deductions on taxes.

the Easing of the tax burden expected Voronezh IT-companies to create about 250 highly skilled jobs in the first year of the law.

the Kuzbass a new coat of arms

In Kuzbass in March, comes into force the law on regional symbolics. The deputies of the regional legislative Assembly approved the new look coat of arms and flag.

the coat of Arms has remained without the oak wreath, date of the founding of Kemerovo oblast (1943) and the waste heap. The last is the waste rock, which is a sign of the coal – mining region-has replaced the pyramid. In addition, Golden crown, crowning the coat of arms, now pointed teeth. And the colour scheme of the main symbol of Kuzbass has not changed.

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Former version of the coat of arms operated since 2002. In 2019, the Heraldry Council under the President of Russia has declared it unsatisfactory (in particular, in the field of the shield is prohibited any lettering). And refused to register the coat of arms in the public register.

As the speaker of the Kuzbass Parliament Vyacheslav Petrov, the regional Commission for the development of a new emblem to bring it into compliance with the requirements has done a great job. Experts prepared versions of the sketches and brought them to public discussion. The one that got the mass support of the participants of the online voting, and considered by deputies.

the Old coat of arms and flag of Kuzbass will operate alongside the new until the transition to 1 January 2021.

war Veteransyou’ll pay extra for repairs

Orlovschine has introduced one-off payments to participants and invalids of the great Patriotic war will give them in 2020 for housing repairs.

In the Kuban villages launched a mortgage at three percent godovyh Tomsk region large families will receive housing at the expense of the region

the Decree about it was signed by the Governor Andrei Klychkov. For the current repair will allocate 50 thousand rubles, capital – to 200 thousand. The costs will fall entirely on the budget of the region.

– the Right to receive payments are disabled people and participants of the great Patriotic who have no claim to housing in accordance with the Federal law “On veterans” and the President’s decree “About provision of housing veterans of the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945” if they live in the premises requiring repairs, – explained in the government of Orel region.

Babies add to the milk

Kaluga region in March of this year babies, born on the territory of the region, will give a set of “newborn Gift” with the Essentials. Every gift from the oblast budget will allocate about 2,5 thousand rubles.

in addition, indexed funds to ensure adequate nutrition of infants of the first year of life, on artificial and mixed feeding. Per month per child is provided 997 rubles.

In kindergarten will take the queue

In Samara region doctors and nurses of policlinics and Ambulance will be able to send their kids to preschool. A benefit for physicians introduced in the region since March, 2020 for five years.

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Thanks to a new measure of social support expect to close jobs mainly in the urban pPoliclinico. Now in primary care is not enough 198 General practitioners and physicians and 250 specialists. Also, the acute shortage 1027 mid-level health workers.

a Questionnaire survey of doctors and nurses showed that some are ready to go to work in gospolitiki if their kids take to the nursery. But now kindergartens in Samara is not enough, therefore, decided to introduce the benefit on an extraordinary admission of the kids of doctors. In 2020 the doctor will be able to arrange in preschool 483 children in 2021 – 564, in 2022 – 522 kids.

about 4.5 to stray cat

Voronezh region adopted the law on the treatment of stray animals. Powers on catching, sterilization and euthanasia of animals transferred to municipalities, funding will be allocated from the Treasury of the region upon request.

on average, one animal will be needed, according to preliminary data, 4410 rubles.

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As follows from the explanatory notes to the bill, 40 percent of the captured animals are euthanized, the rest is sterilized, vaccinated against rabies, treat and release to former habitat. Registered shelters for “draws” dogs and cats in the region.

What accounts for such a situation? Calculations of regional management of veterinary medicine is based on data about the trapping and euthanasia of animals in 2016-2018 – in areas where foci have been discovered rabies. Specialists are annually caught about two thousand stray animals were euthanized on average, 30% of them. About 8 percent of the caught dogs and cats, the experience of Tula region (there are eight items on the overexposure of homeless animals), has also been subjected to euthanasia because of incurable diseases orconsequences of traumas, incompatible with life.