Over 800 children in the Canton of Thurgau are not only treated in an emergency by a doctor, because your parents pay the premiums (EYES reported). The Situation is untenable, not only for the Doctors to leave in the worst case, children suffer.

Also, the Federal Council proposes to the Ostschweizern now, sharp sounds: The Canton of Thurgau of the movement against the rights of the child Convention ratified by Switzerland. And that’s not all: “Affected could rely on it in court”, the Federal Council in its answer to a question of the Thurgauer SP-national councillor Edith Graf-Litscher (55).

child welfare

is enforceable in The Thurgau – the only Swiss Canton standard takes relatively children’s on the black list runs the risk of a conviction, if someone would complain. Because according to article 3 of the Convention, in all actions concerning children, to take into account the child’s welfare is the priority and not the Canton of cash.

For Graf-Litscher is clear: “I expect that the government of Thurgau is.” And the children of the list, strokes.

Kesb is on Doctors ‘

dependent On your page, the social Democrat, the child and adult protection authority (Kesb) in Frauenfeld. “It is tragic, when Swiss children have not health Insurance,” says Olivia Trepp (46). Their authority to intervene, if the child is at risk.

Before the Kesb engages, however, be other Agencies, for example Social services, who is responsible: “We can only be active when someone reports a hazard message. For example, a children’s doctor.”

alarmed, the Kesb, it can help the children indirectly. “The Kesb can’t pay the premiums. The object of the defaulting parents, or, if you are dependent on social assistance, the Social services,” says Trepp. The Kesb could only invite parents and children to be heard.