Angelina Jolie with sons Maddox and Paxon

According to the newspaper The Sun, six children 45-year-old Angelina Jolie and 56-year-old brad pitt for about four years, never met his grandmother Jane and grandpa William, parents pitt. According to insiders, the last time the children saw the parents of brad in 2016 when pitt and Jolie announced the divorce after 12 years of marriage.

insiders claim that the parting of the star of the parents the children regularly visited the grandparents, but the meeting was stopped suddenly because of family disputes related to divorce, Jolie and pitt. According to them, the cause of the disorder became strained relations between Angelina and brad’s mom, Jane, who has always adhered to Patriarchal attitudes and did not approve last bisexual experience of her daughter-in-law. brad pitt with his parents Jane and William Angelina Jolie

Between them has never been a special friendship, but no one knew it would turn out this way

— said the insider.

yesterday Jane pitt celebrated its 80th anniversary on the beach in the circle of the family. On the feast was invited by her numerous grandchildren, children of his brother brad and his sister. Heirs of Angelina and brad at the party on the occasion of the birthday of Jane observed.

Jane pitt with her granddaughter Sydney

Recall that, in spite of the news about the thaw in relations between the former spouses after years of litigation, they still continue to solve some questions in court. In this case there has been a new twist: Angelina filed a petition in the superior court of Los Angeles to remove the private judge John Ouderkirk, who was involved in the decision about the custody of their six children brad. Angelina Jolie children

the Reason, according to rumors, was the presence of the business relationship, Ouderkirk with one of the lawyers of the brad pitt — about the lawyers not timely warned the other participants in the judicial process. In a statement, Jolie said that the lawyer of her ex-husband allegedly acted for the benefit of the financial interests of the judge. At the moment the requirement Jolie is under consideration.
Angelina Jolie and brad pitt