Tragic accident in L’Aquila, Italy. A four-year-old boy is run over by a car and killed there. The car belongs to a mother who just wanted to pick up her child from the group herself – and whose second child in the car probably released the brake.

In the Italian city of L’Aquila, a car rolled into the courtyard of a kindergarten, fatally injuring a little boy. For reasons that were initially unclear, the car parked in front of the kindergarten started rolling on Wednesday afternoon and broke through the fence. Then he caught a group of children. A four-year-old boy died in the crash, police in the Abruzzo region city confirmed. Several other children were injured, one seriously, according to media reports.

As the Ansa news agency reported, according to the first witness statements, the car belonged to a mother who was just picking up her child. She briefly left her other child in the car, who then possibly released the brake and got the car rolling. The emergency services and authorities have started the investigation.

“Our families didn’t deserve this pain, our city didn’t deserve another tragedy like this,” Mayor Pierluigi Biondi wrote on Facebook. L’Aquila, in central Italy, was hit by a strong earthquake in April 2009 and partially destroyed People died at the time.”My heart as a father and mayor is torn. When a child stops playing, hope falters,” wrote Biondi, announcing a day of mourning across the city on Thursday.

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