The Numbers are frightening. Each week up to eleven person Concerned with the subject of forced marriage, the competence centre of the Federal office – every third person is a minor. So many as never before. 2018 was in charge of the specialist unit 119 cases of minors getting married. Most of those Affected come from Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan or Somalia.

“the main reason is The cult of the virginity of the woman”, is Anu Sivaganesan (32), President of the professional, from “20 minutes” quoted. Many families fear that their daughter in Switzerland could already have Sex before marriage: “in Order to preserve the family honor, is married to the daughter of then abroad as a minor, or engaged to be married.”

authorities do not often come after a

child marriages are forbidden in this country. The Swiss law is clear. Only: Many of those Affected use the little. Because the authorities did not come with the cases, often in the first place. So, the marriage is automatically legally, if the affected persons is 18 years old and age of majority. A phenomenon that is known worldwide.

child marriages The Problem is also recognized in the Federal Parliament. “In principle, it must be assumed that it is in the case of Marriage of under 16-Year-old to a forced marriage,” says the SVP national councillor Therese Schläpfer (60, ZH) in the case of “20 minutes”. The specialist forced marriage feels the same way. She suggests that Marriages before 18. Years of age are not recognise to have been contracted abroad, in Switzerland.

Federal to efforts. strengthen

The Basler FDP national councillor Christoph among our clients (68), requested in a Motion by Switzerland to combat far more uniform practice among the cantons, to child marriage and forced marriage more The Federal government should coordinate the theme in the relevant conferences of cantonal Directors of anchor, to solutions better.

The green national councillor Sibel Arslan (39, BS) has instructed the Federal Council to examine whether the forced marriages ban of 2013 is actually something. The focus should be the Situation of the abroad closed minors to marry. Aslan: “today’s handling is not visible in case of a forced durable. New measures need to be taken to really make an impact.”

The report of the Federal Council, to be published in January. (ama)