The child killer Marc Dutroux wants to prematurely come out of the prison – that’s why his lawyers have asked a Brussels court, a new psychological evaluation of their clients. The judge heard on Thursday the request of prosecutors, as well as an opinion of the prison Manager, as the Belgian news Agency Belga reported.

The Dutroux’s lawyers want five psychologists evaluate the mental state of your clients, as well as the risk of relapse new. If the opinions of today’s 62-may Years of are created to on 28. October to be decided. His lawyers seek a release in 2021.

6 girls kidnapped, 4

Dutroux killed had been kidnapped in the 90s, six girls, tortured and raped. Four of the victims he has killed. Since 1996, he is in custody, in 2004, he was sentenced to life. A life-long imprisonment is in Belgium in 30 years.

An early dismissal is possible, if Convicted, have at least served two thirds of their sentence. In addition, other criteria must be met to be Concerned, may be no risk for the company. Recently a accomplice of Dutroux had been released conditionally from prison.

Already in 2013, the Brussels arrest audit chamber had rejected Dutroux’s request, the rest of his sentence with an electronic ankle cuff in house arrest sentence. (SDA)