In Siegen, a father drives his unconscious two-year-old daughter to the emergency room. On the way there he is flashed. The city’s district court now decides that the man must give up his driver’s license and pay a fine of 260 euros.

A father from Siegen comes home from work unsuspectingly on January 18th when he makes a terrible discovery: his two-year-old daughter has collapsed and is no longer responsive.

The 32-year-old is desperate and in shock doesn’t know what to do. Neither he nor his wife speak German, so they don’t dare to dial the emergency number. Without further ado, the man decides to drive his daughter to the hospital himself.

Because he didn’t buckle himself in the car in a hurry, the police stopped him a short time later. When the police realize the emergency situation the child is in, they escort the family to the emergency room. This emerges from a log according to the “Siegener Zeitung”.

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It is not known whether the child can be cared for in time and whether he is doing well again in the meantime. The only thing that is certain is that both the police officers in the civilian car and the 32-year-old were flashed on the way to the clinic.

In February, the man received a speeding ticket: he drove 82 kilometers per hour, his emergency frenzy should cost him 348.50 euros – and his driver’s license for a month.

Horrified, the father tries to defend himself against this punishment. But the responsible judge Dr. Paul Sprenger from the district court of Siegen rejects this. “He should have called an ambulance, we have a functioning system in Germany,” he said in a hearing last Wednesday.

The fact that the man does not speak German does not excuse his crime. Instead, he should have asked someone else to call 911 for him. In addition, the daughter could have been treated much faster in an ambulance.

In the meantime, the judge has already reduced the fine to 260 euros. However, he does not want to lift the driving ban. It was discussed – in which case the fine would have increased again – but decided against it. After all, the father of the family did not apologize for the frenzy.