Chief scientific adviser to the British government stated that from the coronavirus in the country will die in the best case, about 20 thousand people

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In the UK predict the deaths of tens of thousands of people in connection with the spread of the coronavirus, writes Business Insider. If the number of victims will reach 20 thousand or less will be – this can be considered a “good outcome”, said the chief scientific Advisor to UK government sir Patrick Vallance, speaking to MPs.

He added that due to seasonal flu outbreaks in the country every year kills about eight thousand people.

According to Patrick Vallance, the outbreak will lead to the fact that the whole system of health will work with the increased load. He also lamented the lack of tests to identify new patients. This makes it impossible to conduct mass testing, writes the

On March 17 in the UK, the coronavirus was diagnosed in the 1950s (the 407 was sick for the last day). 71 sick died. All in all, the coronavirus was checked 50 442 individuals.

Patrick Vallance believes that nearly two thousand infected is just the tip of the iceberg. He suggested that in the UK already infected about 55 thousand people, RIA “Novosti”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the Ministers that “we are at war against disease, which shouldus to win,” To support businesses and workers affected by the introduction of measures to combat a dangerous disease, the government has allocated 330 billion pounds (almost $ 400 billion).

on Monday, Prime Minister encouraged the British to work from home, not to visit pubs and clubs, and not to participate in mass events.

Despite the difficult situation caused by the pandemic coronavirus, London does not intend to extend the transitional period for Brexit. He ends on 31 December 2020. By the time the EU and the UK should solve all disputed issues concerning the country’s withdrawal from the EU. However, due to the outbreak of the disease consultation of the parties be postponed.

the Cases of coronavirus COVID-19 recorded in 150 countries. Just sick over 145 thousand people, of which over 6.5 thousand died.