Authorities would not confirm exactly what angered the guy regarding the sauce

Authorities detained a guy in Kansas after he assaulted a grocery store employee. Based on reports, the defendant was angry over a debate regarding Chick-fil-A sauce.

The suspect reportedly struck the employee after being advised to leave the shop.

Based on reports, Hirsh supposedly drove his car to a region where employees were standing before the shop before speeding away. He was arrested the next day.

A witness stated that episode was induced after Hirsh became mad that the shop was selling Chick-fil-A’s sauce, The Wichita Eagle reports. The information outlet, but reported that local police said that the altercation was triggered within a debate within the sauce but wouldn’t confirm the particular nature of this sauce.

The Associated Press reports that there’s been a lack of Chick-fil-A sauce as a result of conditions about the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement obtained by the Wichita Eagle, Wichita Police spokesperson Charley Davidson said,”Hirsh had been requested to calm down or leave the shop when he started throwing punches. Personal safety arrested Hirsh till he calmed down. Hirsh subsequently threatened employees, exited the shop, and got to his vehicle. He drove his car toward the entry doors of the company, where employees were standing before departing.”

No serious injuries were reported in the episode.