On Netflix out Comedy, David Dobkin’s “the Musical contest “Eurovision”: the story of a group of Fire Saga”. In the wrap-natured parody Julia Sigelman found sincere recognition of the authors love for the pan-European song contest and its core values: inclusion, equality, glitter and gold latex.Sixty-fifth Eurovision song contest was held in the Netherlands in may of this year, but, like everything else, was cancelled due to pandemic coronavirus. However, no celebration of the talents and admirers still left feed David Dobkin, in which the mastermind, the main star, producer and one of the screenwriters was made by the comedian will Ferrell, is quite capable of replacing a few hours of the competition TV show, filled with musical numbers different degrees kitchenette. The songs for the film was composed by the real experts pop hits, so to distinguish them from the real hits of Eurovision can do that at the absolutely absurd lyrics, and then not always. Also here to the delight of fans appear, even fleetingly, playing themselves the winners and participants from previous years.Ferrell, obviously, one of the few Americans who even know about the existence of “Eurovision” (after the film’s release, this situation certainly will change). In the 1990-ies he visited in Sweden the relatives of his wife, saw on TV the final of the competition and became his ardent admirer. Thus, the idea he nurtured for over twenty years and was finally able to implement it with the help of Netflix and budgets with the full support of the European broadcasting Union, which organizes the “Eurovision”. The filmmakers have provided the opportunity to use the branding of the competition and shoot in tel Aviv, when there were “Eurovision-2019”. Therefore, toothy satire of the movie is not worth waiting, but to outdo itself “Eurovision” on the part of the camp, and even impossible, although the authors tried very hard.The tape starts with the legendary moment when, in 1974, the competition was won by ABBA with the song “Waterloo”. In the Icelandic town of Husavik, this performance looks a little Lars Eriksson, and victory at Eurovision is a dream of a lifetime. After forty plus years Lars (Ferrell) lives in the same town where everyone thinks he’s a weirdo, and a father (pierce Brosnan) never tires of reminding that it is time overage son to buckle down and do some real men’s work — fishing. However, Lars continues to believe in his star, what it supports childhood friend Sigrit Eriksdotter (Rachel McAdams): one of the recurring jokes in the film that they “almost certainly not relatives.” Actually Sigrit, of course, is in love with Lars, know what all but he. Together they stand in the only local pub, where the public is, alas, all Marsovin worksm prefers incendiary tavern hit, “Jaja Ding Dong”.Thanks to certain circumstances wild Lars and Sigrid still go to Eurovision. Rooting for them the whole country, except for Ericsson, Sr. and the head of the Icelandic national Bank of Victor Carlsson (Mikael Persbrandt) who understands that in case of winning the competition in Iceland it completely ruin. However, the Duo don’t even have to put a spoke in the wheel, so awful they are.In Edinburgh, where the competition, Lars and Sigrid acquainted with the whole collection of freaks, including the main reason this film at all cost to invent: Russian singer Alexander Letovym in the performance of Dan Stevens. Escaped from “Downton Abbey”, the blue-eyed Brit dabbled in different genres, from Thriller to science fiction, but in “the history of Fire Saga” suddenly it turned out that his real vocation was Comedy.The scenes involving Nemcova, his accent and embroidered with gold, diamonds suits — the best in the film, and his solo “Lion of Love” — an example of the purest high-octane musical thrash metal, which is firmly etched in my memory. At first Lemov, as befits a Russian, I think the villain: he wants to break up Lars and Sigrid (however, the latter interests him only as a creative unit), but in the course of the film turns out to be a good guy, able to sincerely rejoice in other people’s happiness. And the painting itself mutates almost in a romantic Comedy, masking jokes about penises and stupid songs as a great and kind heart.