The Norwegian Magnus Carlsen has defended a victory in the Tie-Break his title at the world chess championship in London. The 27-Year-old won the chess, all three played quick games against his Challenger, Fabiano Caruana (USA) and decided the jump-off so prematurely for himself. The twelve games with a regular cooling-off period had ended in the past few weeks, all with a draw.

Carlsen, who was already the case before the decision day as more creative and thus better Fast and lightning chess – player, was his role as a favourite in the jump-off from the beginning. Already in the first game, the 27-Year-old built with the white stones early pressure and forced a clever pawn sacrifice a rook endgame, which he won, ultimately, scores.

In the second Match, the Norwegians took advantage of then an inaccuracy of his opponent, to take also with the black pieces and the Initiative. Caruana searched long and hard for a way out, but had to ultimately, before the 30. Train give up. The four games set Tiebreak was vorentschieden.

“I haven’t played to his Level,”

Caruana had to risk everything, and lost so, ultimately, the third game. “I never really had a Chance,” said the American afterwards: “I didn’t play to his Level.”

two years ago, Carlsen had won in New York against Russian Sergey Karjakin in the world Cup-Tie-Break 3:1. The duel against his 26-year-old counterparty Caruana was his total in the fourth Match of the world Cup, all he has won. Carlsen was crowned in 2013 with 22 years the second-youngest world champion in history, since July 2011, he leads the world ranking without interruption.

Caruana had qualified through his victory at the candidates tournament in Berlin in March for the world Cup duel. He missed the defeat, the Chance to be the first chess world champion from the USA since the legendary Bobby Fischer.