The Whistleblower had refused to previously again, to the case of Wikileaks-reasons for Julian Assange to testify. Manning was arrested in early March in coercive detention, because they refused, in front of a Grand Jury of a court in Virginia to testify. The Grand Jury – with far-reaching investigative powers appointed jury panel was dealing with the case Assange.

The “Washington Post” reported that the judge, Anthony Trenga to impose a fine of $ 500 per day against Manning, if you are not within 30 days of the statement. After 60 days, the penalty would increase to $ 1,000 per day. The newspaper quoted Manning with the sentence: “I would rather starve than to change my opinion in this regard.”

The unveiling platform Wikileaks published diplomatic cables in 2010 and 2011, hundreds of thousands of secret US military documents about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as confidential Diplomatic. Source prior to a sex change at that time still as a soldier, Bradley Manning live Manning, who leaked the Material of military computers downloaded, and Wikileaks was.

Manning was arrested in 2010 and convicted in August 2013 of espionage 35 years in prison. Through a pardon decree of the then US President, Barack Obama, Manning 2017 was released prematurely.

Wikileaks founder Assange was on 11. April in London, have been arrested, after Ecuador had withdrawn from the Australian political asylum in its Embassy. A British court sentenced the 47-Year-old to 50 weeks jail, because he failed with his escape in the Embassy of Ecuador seven years ago against the bail conditions and the British justice had withdrawn.

Assange is indicted in the US for conspiracy to attack government computers.