the Numbers for the out – of – home consumption in Hotels, Restaurants and Catering, are based on assumptions, such as the Federal office for agriculture (foag) announced on Tuesday. The estimate is based on the difference between the total domestic consumption and retail sales.

in Total, were sold in the domestic and in the Export 199’227 tonnes of domestic cheese, and also an increase of 1.7 percent. This corresponds to about 2800 bogie freight wagons. In volume terms, this is a ten-year record.

sales of Swiss cheeses was observed the same tendency. He rose within Switzerland by 3.1 percent to 1.68 billion francs and exports by 3.3 percent to 0.66 billion.

At the prices a small price increase of 1.2 percent to an average of 13,56 francs per Kilo in the domestic market. Export prices rose by 1.9 percent and reached 9,10 francs per Kilo.

The persistently high level of demand and the increase in the CHF / EUR exchange rate contributed to the success of the industry in the past year, as the business wrote. 63 percent of the Swiss cheese was sold in the domestic and 37 per cent went abroad.

In the ten-year comparison, especially of the cheese export has increased by 17 percent. In the out-of-home consumption, sales rose by 2.7 percent. In the retail sector, by contrast, 3.2 percent less of local cheese were sold than ten years ago. Therefore, the total sales in Germany of 0.9 percent lower.

the strong competition from foreign cheeses reflected according to the findings of the Federal office, in particular, due to the strength of the franc. The prices of these cheeses were lower than those of the locals. The prices for Swiss cheese fell, however, in the last ten years, easily.