Hurt, to the nozzle it’s a shame, but nothing can be done. To save face is to just laugh it off. Familiar, huh? The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, against which America has imposed sanctions, imposed sanctions against Secretary of state Michael Pompeo on the territory of the Chechen Republic.

the fact that the Americans did Kadyrov hurt visible in his movements. A whipped boy runs away from bullies, grabs a stick and threatens from afar all muzzle bloody. Kadyrov went to the Armory and photographed with machine guns, saying “accept the battle”. Then he tried to like “bad boys”, invited Pompeo in the ancestral village: “So, Pompeo, come, it is very beautiful here, let’s talk, let’s see who breaks the law”. Then I started to laugh it off. Decided zatrollit Secretary of state for the American same patterns. Supposedly, the Ukrainian security services reported Kadyrov that Pompeo ordered the murder of Floyd that trump was not able to be re-elected, but because the head of Chechnya told the “enable all the sanctions that we have in the country, up to block his account”. Well, everything. The last day of Pompeo. He had no money because his accounts in Chechen banks blocked. His children quickly gather their things and leave the Grozny University… Affiliated with Pompeo American companies are forced to stop working in Chechnya and lose billions of dollars in contracts…

R. Kadyrov himself, with very high probability, no foreign Bank accounts. But from family, confidants… same thing with real estate, and “movable” type horses. No matter what accounts, houses and horses not in America. US spit on the sovereignty of other countries. Ask the founder Durov Telegram, as America has banned him from releasing his own cryptocurrency. Ask Germany how the US bend over them with the “Northern stream-2”. The Germans, too, there is something bad threaten to do in response to the Americans. But nothing happens — supposedly unified Europe actually expertly disjointed American influence.

Kadyrov with his authority can now be seen as a special case, illustrating the General situation. Russia is also “grabs gun” – we demonstrate muscles, talking about our awesome (and it’s true) weapons.

But whose Crimea? Stupid question. Without a doubt our. Why are we, in the Crimea, beloved of their land, pay astronomical amounts for data roaming, like abroad? It seems that even Russian operators pay. Because these operators are afraid of sanctions — conditional West twist them into a RAM’s horn snap of the fingers. And business not only in the markets for its services. But also in domestic electronics. More precisely — lack thereof.

And so — on all fronts. All that we are and can counter — this in spite of the enemies to freeze their earsI. to Deprive their own people of supply of products from abroad (a small loss, but it is significant).

Sahakian and tsuchiura is a sign of escapism. Well, it is quite absurd to give as a separate Federal TV channels, Kadyrov’s trolling at face value, but still a serious face to support these “sanctions”.

But to laugh at them, being powerless is a courageous step. You can move on. To establish here their production, their life, to become a really powerful and independent country.

the only sanctions all this way. We are not with you in the way, and our steering — oligarchs and politicians who have a real life out there in the countries introducing sanctions against Russia, but not here, in our Homeland. Or not the sanctions that prevent?