With your Cheating, you didn’t just betray your friend, but in a sense, yourself. You have to believe that you have everything under control and that your behavior is justified because you commanded your girlfriend is, allegedly, little.

Now you realize that you have to pay a price for your behavior: You have created an uncontrollable Situation, the you piece by piece erodes. Fear and uncertainty hang in your neck and you are struggling to feel safe again.

It is not a reasonable statement to make, what is the probability of intercept. And even if you could quantify precisely, so it is probably an Illusion that you’d feel better.

The possibility of intercept, like his life, a part of your. Life-changing it is, but only if you allow it, by your thoughts are more on what could happen instead of what really is. Talk to a professional before you succumb to the temptation to confess to your girlfriend everything. Because then your Conscience would be relieved, but for your girlfriend the time of the tribulation and the torture would begin questions in the first place.

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